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En 1959 François de Lagausie  published is first report
               The definition of the Economic Value

In 1966  François de Lagausie  published this research report  :
               An Economical Value Theory - a dialectic concept for economical value

In 1978  He produced a book :
              " Unequal labor times exchanges and inflation "
              " Marxism an theoretical research in Economy "

Why do we need a new Value Theory in 2014 ?

A research

Because this Value Theory may participate to the debate on the present crisis.
The actual liberalism produced a major financial crisis,
and our planet environment is becoming globally more and more unstable.

How to accept these huge economicals and social inequalities?

To apply this theory, François de Lagausie propose to observe according to the different economics exchanges the variations of the ratio between the labor durations and the incomes or between the labor durations and the the prices.

This will give quantitative information to estimate up to how are acceptable the inequalities of incomes.

  1. How many hours I need to receive 1300 € (The SMIC in France in 2009) ?

  2. How many hours are needed to produce a car of 13.000 €  ?

The labor duration is important in the life of a man or a woman. So it is naturally an important and quantitative factor to estimate the degree of economicals inequalities. Of course it is not the labor time employed to produce this car, but the average of labor time of the workers employed in the car industry.

Questions since 1867 ?

Is it normal than a worker works 8 hours, even though only 4 are necessary to produce his household consumption ?
Is it normal than an African works 8 hours, to buy something  that is build in 1 hour by an occidental ?

Questions in 2009 ?

Is it normal than a trader works 8 hours, to buy something  that is build in 1 year by a worker ?

NO ! 

These inequities of the income  "Ouvraison" (~ "Opening") are exiting for decades !

This is not acceptable !

(Opening ~ Degree of wrought)



This theory propose to understand the two aspects of the economical value :

- First it is a value, as all the other values
- Second it is a mix of  these three points of view :

  1.  The ideological superstructure : the level of the value judgment (ex: I accept to pay this price)

  2.  The social structure : the level where the costs or the incomes are defined

  3.  The economic infrastructure : the level depending for example of the working time

So from one part, the economical value is not a fixed-rate of the working time, (as the proposal of Karl Marx, it is only depending of it, strongly or not regarding the economic case), and from the other part, it's including a value judgment that permit to accept a price or an income, and this depending of a defined social context.

This theory is available for any kind of works, there is not productive works or unproductive works as Marks suppose to be.

Using this theory :

As the economical value is not a fixed-rate of the working time, we need to observe this variation.

This means that we need to observe the variations of the Opening (time / value )
Observe the Opening of a price = time / price or the Opening of an income =   time / income

For example observe the variation of the Opening within the economics exchanges between the different sectors of the economy, or between different countries depending of their degree of development.

                                                                                     Michel de Lagausie (08-2014)


                                   TABLE OF CONTENT :                                  

1°) The main books and reports published by François de Lagausie:
(in French):

1959 - Economie du temps de travail (First research report)  
            Economic Value Theory definition

1966 - Théorie Idéologique de la Valeur  (Main research report)  

1978 - Les échanges inégaux de temps de travail et l'inflation  (Extracts)  :
            - Chapter Introduction :  
            - First part : "The contradictions of an idealist theory"  
             ("A critical analysis of the Capital" - Karl Marx)

Second part : "La ligne générale" :  
(New theory of the Economical Value )

1982 - Donneurs de temps de tous les pays ... (Magazine : No ! References for socialism 

2°) In 1984, Pierre Naville comments this economical Value Theory:

1984 - Extracts from the book of Pierre Naville :  La Maitrise du salariat  




Read on line the key points of the Research report of 1966
(in French):



(in French):


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